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Time to Round Up the Posse

Those who know me well will attest I'd rather head off on an adventure with sidekicks than being the Lone Ranger. I wear that hat enough while I'm writing--countless hours at the computer and hanging out with my imaginary characters can make for a lonely ride. So, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ... round up a posse and ride like the wind!


Quite frankly, there are lots (like a gazillion!) books out there, all vying for readers' attention and dollars. Along with my publisher, we reach out to as many readers as possible. However, if a group of us collaborate efforts and link our circles of influence, an amazing number of people can learn about the books I write and be impacted by memorable stories. Besides, we all thrive from encouragement, camaraderie, friendship, and helping one another pursue passions and realize dreams.

Here's the Plan

There are three months until my newest historical fiction, RUSH, releases on November 1st. In the next few weeks, I'm gathering a posses of book lovers--friends, family, acquaintances, and even others who I hope to meet someday who have a knack for reaching others. Our goal is to spread the word and give my family-inspired book about the 1893 Oklahoma Land Race legs to run ... or better yet, stampede!

The criteria to join the "ride" is simple: a willingness to work as a team, post reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and promote the book and my brand through social media (whatever you like to use - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube...), and of course, word-of-mouth. If your forte is blogging or emailing, that works too. Maybe you're a book club junkie ... spread the love! Basically, the more "riders" committed to covering territory, the more readers we'll reach, and possibly overturn stones of golden opportunities along the way.

Since heading out on this adventure requires "supplies", I'll be sending ready-made tweets, postings, and images via email with a suggested timeframe to share. All you need to do is choose what you like, copy and paste into your social media repertoire, blog, or email, and share to your followers and friends. If you are a whiz with words, a hashtag hero, and prefer to craft your own, go for it. The more fun you have with this, the better!

Not to worry -- I'll be in frequent (though I promise not to drive you nuts!) contact with reminders and suggestions. And of course, I always want to hear your thoughts if you come across great promotional and marketing ideas.

But What's In It For Me?

Lots! Posse members will receive a FREE e-copy book as soon as the publisher makes them available to me, printed notecards, bookmarks, and more! Plus, you'll be entered in our private contests for WAY COOL surprises! If you're local (or want to hop on a plane), you'll be an honored guest at the BOOK SIGNING PARTY in early November.

Where the Trail Leads

My hope is for us to grow as a community--one that shares a meaningful and lasting bond through the power of words, poignant story, and the human need to connect, dream, and ride alongside one another with adventurous abandon.

Thanks for considering the ride! Now, giddy-up and get in touch via commenting below or messaging me soon. I'd love to hear from you no later than August 18th so we can "hit the trail" in early fall.

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Jayme H. Mansfield is an author, artist, and educator—and feels a bit incomplete when she’s not juggling all three balls. An award-winning author, her debut book Chasing the Butterfly, is a book club favorite and Amazon bestseller.

Jayme lives in Lakewood, Colorado, where she and her husband have survived raising three hungry, hockey-playing sons. Currently, a very needy Golden Retriever runs the roost. When Jayme isn’t writing, she teaches art to children and adults at her long-time art studio, Piggy Toes. Visit Jayme at