“Boomers” waiting in line to register for the race

Mary Louisa Roberts won the race of a lifetime … or so she thought.

In competition with desperate homesteaders, ruthless land seekers, and a sheriff determined to see her fail, Mary rides out on a horse to strike her claim in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893. When she finally thrusts her flag into the dirt, 160 acres becomes her own. But with that claim, she risks more than she could ever imagine. A naïve school teacher and young mother abandoned by her hard-drinking, gold-seeking husband—whom she believes to be dead—Mary is faced with letting go of a past riddled with loss,

hardship, and reminders that a woman isn’t capable of surviving on her own.

Daniel McKenzie, an illustrative journalist sent on assignment to document

the race, has his own past to forget. Bound by a lost love and guilt from a

haunting event in the streets of Boston, he wonders whether he will ever know

happiness again.

Will Mary’s and Daniel’s stubborn and independent spirits keep them mired

in the past? Or will two broken hearts find forgiveness and love in the wild

plains of the Midwest?

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Five Generations of "Mary’s Women” - Mildred “Millie” Roberts, (my grandmother,) Janet Owens Hanna (my mother), Jayme Hanna Mansfield, Sally Dyekman Wright  (my first cousin and daughter of Millie’s daughter, Shirley Owens Dyekman), Dani Wright Schwinn (daughter of Sally Wright), and Emily Schwinn (daughter of Dani Wright Schwinn).

Charles Wesley Roberts and buddy 

Take a look at the real-life photos behind the story, RUSH.

Watercolor depiction of Mary Louisa by artist friend Jan McConnell

Mary Louisa Johnston Roberts Chessher - near 80 years old - b. 1860 - 1940  

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Mildred Roberts Owens stands next to the four-square house with a tin roof — the home she was born.

Aaron ‘Tuck” Roberts

A few brave women ready to ride in the race for land! 

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Mary Louisa Johnston Roberts with son, Charles Wesley about the time of the Rush

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Mildred Roberts - my grandmother as a young woman

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