Jayme H. Mansfield
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Loosening the Reins…


… and Leaning Into the Creative Life


Life-changing moment. An experience that leaves you staggering (in a good way), steals your breath and unleashes an unknown, forgotten, and often ignored part of your very essence.

Not too long ago, I actually had two moments—events that forever changed my life—not so much in an obvious, outward way, but an internal shift. Two moments so powerful and stirring, yet left me peaceful and still.

One on a mountain—on a horse—galloping across the top of a Wyoming butte, exhilarated and alive, leaning into the stride, loosening the reins, and welcoming the tears streaming down my face. Trust. Freedom.

The other on an island—relinquishing assumptions, erasing restraints, and instead painting big and bold, intuitively and passionately. Painting from my heart, not so much my mind.  Trust. Freedom.

God met me in those moments. He whispered in my ear as the wind caught my cowboy hat and released the tie in my hair. He held my hand as I placed brush to palette, and then to canvas—a myriad of colors and texture—stirring my soul, giving permission to loosen the reins and lean into the creative life.

Thank you for joining me to play in the paint and journey together on this wild ride we call life!

Meet Jayme

Meet Jayme


Come play in the paint!

Come play in the paint!

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Learn more about Jayme’s novels


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" Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

— Mary Oliver

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