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Author. Artist ... 

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I stepped out of the formal classroom after a wonderful twenty year career in elementary education. It was a difficult decision but one that allowed me to breathe new life into my long-time art studio, Piggy Toes, and provide the freedom of time to complete two new novels that begged to be told.

Most importantly, I've wrapped my head around what really makes me tick--those pop-me-out-of-bed passions and plop-me-into-bed accomplishments that find me walking around in the hours between wearing a silly grin like a love-struck teenager. Happiness? Yes. Joy? Most definitely. Contentment? Hmmm?  For twelve months, I'd been having my cake and eating it too. But, a little slice was missing--the proverbial "cherry on top" was rolling around somewhere other than its intended summit.


Ah ha! The third element of my logo--thoughtfully crafted, designed, and displayed on the shop window of my revamped website, smeared across various social media platforms, and stamped onto glossy business cards--was largely silent, tagging along merely for the ride. Sure, I'd continued to teach art to adults and kids at the studio and tossed in a few author-to-author instructions. But, the good ol' helping kids learn to read and write well was missing--those truly amazing moments when a student's eyes light up and his or her furrowed brow relaxes--that's the best, "Ah ha!"

Besides, a grouping of three is a magical quotient that seems to keep the world from spinning off its axis. Earth, wind, fire. Three Little Pigs. Three primary colors. The Three Stooges. Three-legged races. Three-ring circus. Three-piece suits. A tripod ... I could go on and on, but finally, and not to be left out ... a child's first, wind-in-the-face, hair-blown-back ticket to freedom ... the tricycle! Yes, the time had come to revitalize and complete my personal triad -- Author. Artist. Educator.

Tutoring with a Twist

I'm thrilled to be back in a unique kind of "classroom". The oh-so-very-cool art studio space has served many purposes for nearly twenty years. Now, its repertoire includes providing a welcoming and creative space to do what I love--helping students develop foundational and advanced skills and content, building confidence as a learner, and discovering the gratification from accepting challenges. The twist ... the learning is reinforced with a sensory smorgasbord of visual, auditory, and hands-on tools coupled with the knowledge and experience I've gained as a published author over the last several years. Learning has never been so authentically rich and fun!

Hands down, I'm excited to share my love of literacy and the power of the written word in an artistically and creative manner that edifies, motivates, and authenticates each student as a unique individual, who by the way ... has a whole lot to offer the world!

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What motivates you to learn? Your type of instruction makes a lasting imprint on your child? Let's chat if you have a student who would be jazzed with this sort of support.