How To Say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day


Elizabeth Barrett Browning surely had her mojo on when she penned the famous words from Sonnet 43. So as we leap into the love month, why not take a moment to reflect on how (and when) to share with someone in your life that they are loved?

Strolling down the red and pink bedazzled grocery aisle this time of year would have us believe our love is only reserved for special sweethearts, hot new romances, or commitments made long ago. Or, for kids the excitement of handmade Valentine bags and boxes overflowing with candy and mini-cards, rivals Halloween treats and Christmas presents.

Sure, I'm looking forward to a bouquet of beauties on the kitchen table, chocolate delights, or a pretty card (hint, hint James). But even after thirty plus years with this wonderful man, I get all giddy when Valentine's Day arrives, anticipating the best part, expressing our love for each other with the written word.

Those are the treasured sentiments pressed between the pages of my Bible, tucked into a keepsake box, and most securely, stashed within my heart--the expressions of his love that make me swoon and set my heart to pitter-patter.

Lengthy or short. Complex or simple. The greatest gift to share with one another are words--those funny little combinations of letters, formed into words, sometimes sentences or more that whisper sweet-scented truths of hope for our future, life-long commitment,  utter joy, and profound passion. img_8313

If the thought of composing profound sentiments leaves you wordless, remember the often best three little words, "I Love You." They alone speak volumes--blessing the heart, soul, and mind of the recipient as well as the bestower.

"But I want to be eloquent, witty, and wise," you say. Well, check out this special gem of heart-felt and timeless quotes from Sugarboo Designs. It's my favorite notepad on my writing desk. The best part is the tear-off quotes you see here on my antique Corona typewriter. I've saved every quote in a special stash--treasured words not to be thrown away.


Do you have a favorite quote or sentiment? Please share the love!

Happy "Love Month!"