A Refreshingly Delicious Devotional

A Devotional To Feast Upon(and a FREE book for dessert!)

Hey, it's spring time--Christmas cookies are long gone. Valentine chocolates are nowhere to be found. Now, if only those dratted little jelly beans would roll away--far out of sight!

Fortunately, Katie Ferrell's new devotional, Devotions for a Healthier You -Feeding the Mind, Body and Soul, has taken up residence on my kitchen counter as a reminder that jelly beans do not rule my life. Instead, healthy choices--for my mind, body, and soul--grow out of being real with myself and God. Real. Not perfect--He already knows that!

Instead, this devotional stirs together all the elements of being whole--and adds often needed nourishment through scripture and prayer that only God can provide.

Katie, the creator of the popular lifestyle blog, Dashing Dish, fills our appetite with scripture-based devotions and prayers--paired with week-long meal plans and recipes. The photography alone is scrumptious! 

Best of all, the devotions are just the right length--short enough to read with time to spare on pondering. An added plus, the recipes are easy--and that's saying plenty for a gal like me!
So, with the support of Katie's book, and the best personal trainer in the universe (God!), I hope you find encouragement, insight, and tangible tools to make this spring a time of rebirth for a healthier you.

A free copy is waiting to take its place in someones's home!
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 One winner will be randomly chosen. I'll announce the winner on April 10th (after all the jelly beans have been eradicated!) 
This is my honest review of a free copy of Katie's book.