Chasing The Butterfly


The Butterfly Has Flown -

 Chasing The Butterfly Released 10/14

Perhaps that face scared away the butterfly! Quick, press play...

Now to be serious...the novel released this past week with a flourish of activity and soared to unexpected ranks on Amazon--hitting #10 on Saturday in the subcategory of 20th Century Historical/Romance/Fiction!

The amazing reach of social media truly is astounding. However, the best vehicle to support the birth of the book has been the genuine excitement and momentum generated by those of you who love story, believe in the value of the written word, and sincerely cheer on the dreams of others.

Thank you to all who have traveled with me throughout this journey and continue to do so with print and ebook sales. Reviews are extremely positive and I encourage you to share your own on Amazon when you've completed the read. Here's to all of you!

Instead, Bella was hoping for a new chew toy.