Time To Teach

It's always a mix of emotions this time of year. However, this time I'm feeling the pull between teaching elementary school, continuing the art studio, and dedicating the time and effort to the call of the keyboard with greater ferocity than ever before.

The boys are just a few days behind me with new adventures in school--Adam off to high school, Ian back to play hockey and finish out high school in Sioux Falls, and Graham heading off to school with me each early morning for 6th grade.

And even though the old Suburban continues to drive relentlessly around Denver as I switch hats more than a crazed woman in a haberdashery, I believe the Lord is knocking at my heart, calling me to stay closer to Him than ever before in prayer and continual communication to stay the course for which I have been called--to be a voice for Him in both writing and by example while teaching and parenting.

Here's to summer and it's implied restfulness--it's time to cinch up the seat belt and continue this wild, but blessed life I live!