My paintings are an expression of my most real and complete self. Immense freedom, connection, and peace result when brush and paint are laid to canvas and paper. Mistakes are welcomed. Risk-taking is protocol. Grace, trust, and kindness are essential. That's how I enjoy the ride.

My Floral Abstraction series is my sweet-spot of intuitive, adventurous, and intimate connection with others, and most importantly, God.  Faith continually leads me to refreshing waters--loose brushwork, layers of vibrant color, evolving shapes and elements--giving insight into the complexity and meaning of life. 

 From snowy landscapes reminiscent of my home state of Colorado to extensive travels in Europe, lounging on dreamy beaches, focusing on the stillness of still life, journeying in my own imagination, and embracing a menagerie of well-loved animals, my subject matter varies as each painting is a new challenge.

 Watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, ink, paper, embedded words and images, and pages from my novels are my playmates in the sandbox of the painterly life. 

 Thank you for playing in the paint with me!